MEDITECH Advanced Technology 6.x

MEDITECH 6.x improves workflow, reliability and scalability.

MEDITECH’s 6.x solution provides an evolutionary system newly designed to provide greater efficiency, scalability and access to patient information.

6.x is designed from the ground up using feedback from across our diverse customer base.

As such, applications match users’ workflow and provide them with the information they want, organised the way they like it.

Roles-based desktops and status boards help staff manage their workloads and alert them to events in need of their immediate attention.

Likewise, the technology infrastructure, which includes a SAN, transaction servers and Integrated Server-less Backup provides for greater scalability and reliability.

Healthcare organisations can store unlimited data while maintaining a complete audit trail of all changes made to a patient’s record.

The Business Benefits of Migrating to the 6.x Platform

Emergency Department Management               Electronic Health Record
General Accounting Health Information Management
Human Resources Planning  Imaging and Therapeutic Services
Laboratory Information Systems    Physician Care Manager
Patient Care and Patient Safety Pharmacy
Revenue Cycle    Supply Chain Management
Scheduling and Referral Management