MEDITECH’s strategic direction is focused on expanding our care management capabilities to not only share information between care settings but to also better coordinate care.

Some of our latest initiatives include:

  • Roll-out of our new Patient and Consumer Health Portal, which will allow patients to correspond with their medical staff, as well as access their latest results, discharge information, visit histories and appointments from across acute and ambulatory visits
  • Support for longitudinal care plans to span between our inpatient, outpatient, physician practice, home care and continuing care solutions
  • An expanded telehealth strategy, which will enable patients to use off-the-shelf monitoring devices—as well as manually-keyed data—to submit measurements to their Electronic Health Record
  • New desktops for the emerging roles of Care Managers and Disease Managers to improve analysis of this information and keep consumers healthy across your community
  • Predictive surveillance capabilities to flag care providers of patients at risk for such conditions as ventilator-acquired pneumonia, deep vein thrombosis, urinary tract infections or pressure ulcers


Unprecedented in 1982 and still unprecedented today. MEDITECH’s HCIS unites your enterprise by sharing information – including clinical, administrative and financial data – system-wide. MEDITECH’s broad integration ensures accuracy, increases patient safety and eliminates duplicate data entry.


MEDITECH’s products are not limited to communicating with one another. MEDITECH routinely develops interfaces to help our customers exchange data with other vendor products. We support HL7 standards and promote interoperability through both centralised and decentralised data exchange models.


The MEDITECH EHR is designed with the flexibility to make your system work for you. We know that different departments have different needs, so we offer you the functionality to adapt your system accordingly. The best part? You can manage these tools without programming knowledge or MEDITECH intervention.

Some of our flexible features include: