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1. MEDITECH is an experienced, financially stable corporation

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MEDITECH is a true pioneer in the healthcare information systems industry, and has been developing, implementing, and supporting integrated systems for over 43 years.

While countless vendors in our industry have come and gone, MEDITECH has maintained a strong presence, with over 2,300 customers worldwide and acute care market shares of 28% in the United States and 42% in Canada.

2. MEDITECH focuses exclusively on healthcare

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While many corporations see healthcare as just one of the many sectors that make up their corporate strategy, MEDITECH, by contrast, has remained exclusively focused on healthcare for 43 years.

As such, MEDITECH is able to dedicate 100% of our resources, both funding and man power, to the research, development, deployment and support of healthcare information technology solutions.

MEDITECH will never divert funding from healthcare to fund what we deem to be a more profitable sector, nor will we shrink from our responsibility to respond to the ever growing challenges the healthcare industry brings.

3. MEDITECH remains a privately held company

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As a privately held corporation, MEDITECH is unique from other EHR vendors. Other vendors are driven by stockholders to respond to fluctuations in the stock market. While our competitors expand their product offerings by acquiring other companies and their disparate systems, MEDITECH remains focused on developing our own applications using a single, consistent technology.

4. MEDITECH Offers 24/7 person-to-person support, with no hidden fees

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MEDITECH provides customers with 24 X 7 person-to-person support, ensuring timely response and resolution of any issues.

MEDITECH does not outsource support calls to third-party answering services, nor do we use automated machines to field and direct phone calls. Each time you contact MEDITECH you will always speak directly to a dedicated member of our support team, who will direct your call to the specialist or programmer responsible for supporting your account.

Likewise, all support is covered under our standard service agreement, with no hidden fees based on time of day or nature of call.

5. MEDITECH offers a clear return on investment

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While many healthcare organisations spend between 2-5% of their total operating budgets on their information systems, MEDITECH customers benefit from an unparalleled low cost of ownership: approximately 1%-2% of their total operating budgets.

There are a number of factors contributing to these cost savings.

  1. Perpetual license – MEDITECH customers never have to pay re-licensing fees for their software, making their initial investment in MEDITECH software a true investment in their future.
  2. Free enhancements and continued support of all products – MEDITECH ensures customers always have access to the latest technology and are never forced back to the market due to product sun-setting or obsolete technology.
  3. Low cost maintenance plan – equal to an industry low 1% of each application’s license fee per month, a customer’s initial investment is really the only major investment they need to make.

6. MEDITECH systems are integrated by design

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MEDITECH’s integration is built from the ground up by designing our applications around a common database, architecture and programming languages.

As a result, applications work together to promote the timely delivery of care.

This integration spans across clinical, financial, administrative, and departmental applications and requires no interfaces or interface engines.

Users benefit from:

  • Fewer keystrokes and a consistent look and feel
  • Consistent terminology through shared data dictionaries
  • A common toolset used across applications and care settings
  • Shared patient demographic, allergy, and identification information
  • A centralised Electronic Health Record
  • Closed loop medication management, including reconciliation
  • Automated charge capture
  • Multi-disciplinary documentation
  • Bedside medication, transfusion, and phlebotomy verification
  • System-wide conflict checking and decision support
  • Centralised scheduling across departments and facilities
  • System-wide reporting
  • Better management of supply usage and replenishment
  • Better oversight of finances through drill-down General Ledger.

7. MEDITECH spans the full continuum of care

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MEDITECH offers integrated software for:

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency departments
  • Physician practices
  • Oncology clinics
  • Home health and hospice agencies
  • Long term care and rehab facilities and
  • Behavioural health centres.

As such, care providers can better coordinate treatments, share information, and reconcile allergies and medications across acute care, home care, and ambulatory care settings.

This leaves customers well-positioned for evolving healthcare models, such as Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) and patient-centred medical homes.

Several MEDITECH customers have received some level of National Committee for Quality Assurance as patient-centred medical homes.

8. MEDITECH promotes greater remote access and mobility

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MEDITECH enhances the physician’s experience by providing them with instant access to their patients’ information from a smartphone, pocket pc, or Tablet device, such as the Apple iPhone® or iPad®.

Staff can also access the system from multiple facilities across your network through a variety of remote access technologies, enabling care providers to monitor their patients’ care regardless of location.

9. MEDITECH helps clinicians react to changing conditions

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MEDITECH automatically pushes real-time information out to care providers through roles-based desktops and status boards.

By displaying customer-defined queries, lab results, medications, clinical documentation, orders, and notifications side-by-side, clinicians are better able to detect trends that might indicate a particular condition, such as patients at risk for infection.

Care providers can also access the most real-time information captured on a patient through a central Electronic Health Record (EHR).

The EHR also includes information captured from our home care and physician practice software, as well as Continuity of Care Documents (CCD’s) accepted from other vendor systems.

10. MEDITECH guides care delivery

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MEDITECH helps customers to improve outcomes by giving them access to the latest medical evidence, warning them of possible errors, helping them minimize hospital-acquired conditions, and enabling them to monitor current conditions.
Integration with Zynx Health, Inc. provides caregivers with immediate access to the latest evidence-based medicine, as well as the ability to incorporate Zynx Health order sets into MEDITECH’s CPOE process.

A fully-integrated, closed loop medication management process helps your organisation prevent potential medical errors during each stage of medication delivery, whether ordering, reconciling, dispensing, or administering medications.
Clinicians are promptly notified of any potential drug or allergy interactions, incompatibilities, or dosing errors.

11. MEDITECH offers interoperable solutions

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While MEDITECH is known for our integration, we are also a leader in offering interoperable solutions.
MEDITECH does not require you to abandon current technology investments to use our software, rather we provide you with the option to either replace or interface with existing solutions.

MEDITECH’s products are well-positioned to meet the requirements and standards of national, state, and provincial data exchange initiatives, from Accountable Care Organisations in the United States to regional and district health authorities in Canada to healthcare trusts in the United Kingdom.

Whether exchanging CCDs, contributing to Health Information Exchange (HIE) projects, submitting syndromic, immunisation, and lab data to public health agencies, or offering a one-to-many bi-directional interoperability solution with independent physician practices, MEDITECH customers remain at the forefront of interoperability.

Most recently, MEDITECH worked with Forward Advantage to launch a new HIE solution called Community Health Information Exchange Foundations (CHIEF), which is comprised of a Record Locator Service, Clinical Data Repository, Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), and Data Aggregator, providing you with a central infrastructure for sharing and combing information between multiple vendor systems.

12. MEDITECH helps you analyse and report meaningful data

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It’s easy to get the clinical outcomes and business information you need using MEDITECH’s system.
With MEDITECH, reporting is proactive versus reactive.
As all data is stored discretely, information can be instantly compiled and trended on the fly.

Customisable desktops, status boards, and clinical panels automatically push clinically-relevant data out to care providers, helping them make more informed decisions. Data can also be compiled across patient populations.

As such, department heads, quality managers, and other executives can regularly review quality metrics, such as key performance indicators (KPIs), core measures, or National Patient Safety Guidelines, to determine where benchmarks are being met and where improvements are needed.