MEDITECH’s Patient and Consumer Health Portal provides patients and their families with secure, web-based access to their health information. Patients can review their visit history, request appointments and prescription refills, view and pay bills on-line, submit updates to their demographic information and communicate in confidence with their care providers.

MEDITECH’s Patient and Consumer Health Portal helps you engage patients and families more actively in their care by
providing a secure, confidential web-based tool for accessing health information and communicating with providers.
Patients can conveniently review and update their health records, manage appointments and prescription refills,
access discharge materials and communicate in complete confidentiality with care providers. Users can:

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Coordinate Appointments

By reviewing lists of upcoming appointments, including: time, location, appointment type, directions and
instructions. They can also cancel or change existing appointments or request new ones. For each requested appointment, consumers can define appointment type, time preferences and preferred method of contact and receive a confirmation
message once the appointment is scheduled.

Pre-Register for Appointments

By confirming existing information and submitting any updates to their demographics, employer information and contacts.

View and Update Health Information

To better manage their care, consumers can view their health information, such as allergies, conditions, results, health maintenance and visit histories. For each visit, they can also review a visit summary, discharge instructions and the forms they received. Additionally, they can record updates to their allergies, medical conditions and self-reported measurements, such as: blood pressure, heart rate, weight and glucose levels. They can also submit updates to personal data, including demographics and emergency contacts.

Manage Medications

By viewing their active medications, accessing medication details, adding self-reported medication information, and requesting renewals.

Review and Pay Bills

Through on-line access to billing information—including outstanding balances and payment histories—and on-line payment submittal.

Receive Timely Correspondence

By exchanging secure e-mails with care providers and receiving e-mail notifications and visual cues of updated information, such as results and appointment confirmations.

Define Access

To control their notification preferences and change their identification and password information.