MEDITECH provides a comprehensive and integrated EHR designed to help your organisation increase patient safety, streamline processes and improve communication across departments and care teams.

Our solution helps staff react more quickly to issues and changing conditions by automatically pushing information out to the appropriate personnel and displaying it in a meaningful form. Accurate, up-to-the-minute information is available where and when users need it, resulting in more informed and effective treatment and decision making.

Hospitals and other care facilities using MEDITECH benefit from products designed to meet the needs of clinicians and staff throughout the continuum, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, radiologists, laboratory technicians, business office personnel, executives, human resource managers and financial staff. Likewise, all applications are fully integrated, facilitating the seamless exchange of demographic, clinical and financial information between departments and care teams.

MEDITECH’s EHR includes the following solutions to meet your organisation’s unique needs. Additional products can also be added as those needs evolve.