Our Focus

EHR for New Healthcare

MEDITECH is passionate about the vision of New Healthcare in South Africa where everyone has access to quality, affordable care. We believe that software has an important role to play in the realisation of this vision.

To help you meet your challenges

MEDITECH can be a valuable partner in helping you to meet your healthcare challenges. We offer a broad product portfolio with solutions for the ambulatory, the inpatient and the continuing care environments.

Lifelong partnershipsOur Focus

MEDITECH focuses on being a lifelong partner for achieving excellence by providing world-class products and delivering service excellence. Our product leadership is due to our relationship with MEDITECH Inc and our local knowledge and experience. 

Connecting providers

MEDITECH connects providers in sophisticated care networks through both comprehensive data integration and industry standard interoperability.

Our Focus


MEDITECH have vast experience supporting integrated delivery networks. 

To turn challenges into change 

MEDITECH’s focus is to help your organisation take the key steps necessary to turn your challenges into positive change and position you for the new emerging models of care.